1.8: Leveraging Strengths and Self Reflection with Christina Rowe

1.8: Leveraging Strengths and Self Reflection with Christina Rowe

Leadership and team development expert, Christina Rowe, helps individuals and teams maximize their potential. This includes encouraging others TO explore and employ strategies to improve communication, reduce friction and improve quality of life. In this episode, the Conversations by Association co-host shares insights on how professionals at all stages of their career can take responsibility for their own development plan – including identifying partners, collaborators and mentors. She also discusses the importance of identifying “blind spots” if left unchecked, could impact workplace interactions and opportunities for career advancement.

Christina Rowe
Founder at The Collaborative


“Working within your strengths is the most natural way to engage in your work…and this leads to more fulfillment and success.”

As a Leadership and Team development Consultant, and Gallup-Certified in Strength-based coaching, Christina Rowe helps individuals, leaders, and whole teams achieve new levels of success and enjoyment in their roles. Holding a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, focused on successful organizational development, change, and culture. She supplies teams, boards, and entire organizations with the tools to communicate, reduce conflict, and be highly productive, resulting in more engaged teams, who often even report higher quality of life as a result.

Christina has worked with board of directors in many fields, as well as leaders in their industries from medical specialties, technology, construction, to creative production. She has been a repeat speaker at conferences for medical professionals, as well as association management and nonprofit management professionals. Christina offers solutions that amplify the strengths and assets that exist, just waiting to be utilized, and helping individuals feel valued for their contributions. Christina started The Collaborative LLC in 2014 with the mission to improve individuals’ lives through helping them feel more valued at work, and helping leaders empower their team members to succeed.

With a keen ability to swiftly identify the dynamics, strengths, and interactions of teams and leaders, Christina is a powerful resource for organizations looking to improve their team effectiveness by advancing their productivity, communication, and overall team bond.

In short, when teams want to achieve their full potential, they call Christina.

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