2.1: Adapting to Our Changing World with Amelia Franck Meyer

2.1: Adapting to Our Changing World with Amelia Franck Meyer

In this special episode of Conversations by Association, Season 2 opens with the return of popular Season 1 guest, Amelia Franck Meyer, who guides us through how the recent pandemic has dramatically changed how we live and work. Everyone’s priorities have changed and humans around the world are able to connect with colleagues, families, and friends in new ways to create a sense of safety and belonging. Amelia describes practical and creative ways to navigate difficult days with loved ones and colleagues. Learn how to anticipate and address the resulting effects of trauma – today and in the future.

This episode reaches far beyond the association and non-profit world. It is a must listen for anyone navigating how to identify and leverage opportunities for change, reflection, and support in a time of uncertainty.

Amelia Franck Meyer, EdD LISW, CEO of Alia

“How do we wire ourselves for connection? As a team, as a village, make sure we’re there for each other.” 

Dr. Amelia Franck Meyer is a social entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Alia: innovations for people and systems impacted by childhood trauma. Because we now know that the foundation of wellbeing is an uninterrupted sense of belonging, Alia is working with child welfare leaders and their teams to build new ways of work that keep children safely with their families, not from their families.

Amelia and her team specialize in workforce wellbeing, leadership development and coaching, and systems change work geared toward obsoleting the need for foster care; all with an anti-racism lens.  Alia is building a “Proof of Concept” that public child welfare agencies can become primary prevention agencies that support families to be safe, instead of waiting until abuse or neglect has already occurred to respond.

Amelia has had a highly accolated 30-year career and was recently was featured as one of People Magazine’s “25 Women Changing the World” in 2018, but she knows this work is not done in isolation; rather, she believes that it takes every single one of use working together to create a world in which all children and their caregivers can thrive.

For more information on Amelia’s work check out her TedTalk or learn more at www.aliainnovations.org.

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