2.9: Take Action: Building Buy-in

2.9: Take Action: Building Buy-in

This season we’re adding mini episodes that help you Take Action on the insights from guests, and some of the most crucial aspects of developing your network, building skills, and leading in your career. Each Take Action episode will be focused on a tool that makes action easier and drives towards positive results that you can download on the Conversations by Association website.

“The more you take that time, energy, and thoughtfulness to be able to invite people to have their input and share their knowledge, you’re actually creating opportunities for them to grow.”

One of the most powerful tools in creating sustainability is to develop buy-in with teammates, peers, and members. It’s easy to over complicate the process or buy-in or forget to initiate it all together, so in this episode Christina breaks it down into simple actions focused on inviting others in. You’ll hear Christina share how powerful questions are as a form of building buy-in as it invites others to share their knowledge and feel part of the final results. Check out our Questions that Build Buy-in Guide! It’s a great tool to print and post near your computer to keep buy-in top of mind!

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