2.11: Building your Kitchen Cabinet of Advisors with Jackie Price Osafo

2.11: Building your Kitchen Cabinet of Advisors with Jackie Price Osafo

If there has ever been a person that elevates the energy in the room and an organization, it’s Jackie Price Osafo. Her energy, positivity, and dedication are a catalyst for the work she does and the people she meets. Jackie approaches her work, career, and community with a proactive mindset that teaches us how to leverage our talents to drive positive impacts. From her MBA program to volunteering, Jackie develops advisors, mentors, and friends through contributing her time, knowledge, and advice. Listen in to learn and feel energized by our incredible colleague Jackie Price Osafo.

Jacqualine Price Osafo, MBA CAE
Vice President of Membership, American Health Information Management Association

“I learned a long time ago, that it’s my responsibility to build what I now call my kitchen. There are multiple cabinets in your kitchen… My association network is made up of a bunch of cabinets.” 

Jacqualine Price Osafo is the vice president of membership for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). She has extensive experience in membership, educational design, volunteer management, and sponsorship. She has served and continues to serve in leadership capacities as liaison to the board of directors, member of the association leadership team, member of numerous committees and task forces, and member of up to 10 special interest groups.

Some of her accomplishments as the former director of membership and development for the Water Quality Association (WQA) include

  • Changed membership model and benefits for the first time in the history of the association
  • Developed and implemented the first engagement strategies for top-tiered members who pay up to $82K in dues
  • Increased sponsorship dollars by 20% year-over-year
  • Developed and deployed the first Business Operations Education program

While working for ASGE

  • Transitioned the Society from an association management company to stand alone
  • Increased membership by 97%
  • Lead diversity and inclusion initiatives for underrepresented population
  • Developed and delivered education and philanthropic programs to more than 15 countries

Jackie previously served as chair of the membership committee and Forum Forward. From 2009 to present, Jackie has presented more than 30 industry-related topics to the following audiences:

  • African Society of Association Executives
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American General Dentistry
  • ASAE Conferences
  • Association Forum Conferences
  • Association Laboratories
  • Chicago Association of Realtors
  • Michigan ASAE

She received the Association Forum’s Professional Achievement Award and is an ASAE 2018-2020 Diversity Executive Leadership Program scholar.

Jackie is a Certified Association Executive. She earned her master’s in business administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her BA from DePaul University.

Other Resources

What are the most useful resources you’ve found to help your professional development (i.e. books, courses, trainings, assessments, magazines, thought leaders, etc.)? In addition to educational programs through Association Forum and ASAE, I glean knowledge from other association executives. I describe my network as my kitchen where there are many cabinets that represent association executives from different backgrounds, career levels, and experiences.

I enjoy reading Harvard Business School case studies, which often are from the for-profit sector, but the concepts can be applied to the non-profit sector as well. I thoroughly enjoy Ted Talks where thought leaders share “real life” or research-based theories/experiences. I am an active listener of information and able to apply this knowledge to my professional growth and development. I like to describe myself as “being in constant state of learning.”

What is your favorite aspect of the association management field? As the second largest revenue generator, my contribution to the association supports many areas such as advocacy, marketing, and business education, all which directly impacts members and trickles down to the general public/consumer. My favorite aspect of association management is providing members, who ultimately provide a service to the public, with the tools and resources they need to do their job to the best of their abilities.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? The best advice I’ve ever received was imparted in me during my childhood by my mother. She told me to “ask for what you want. You will not die if the answer is no.” This has led me to be a very curious person and in a constant quest for knowledge. For an association to continue to remain relevant to its members/industry, association executives must be in an endless state of researching, anticipating the future, and being willing to investigate what’s beyond the surface.

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