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2.2: Community and Taking Care of Yourself to Show Up at Your Best with Donté Shannon and Irving Washington

2.2: Community and Taking Care of Yourself to Show Up at Your Best with Donté Shannon and Irving Washington

Donté Shannon and Irving Washington share their insights and supportive friendship, demonstrating the value of building your support network, taking care of yourself and your relationships, and looking to the future.

Donté Shannon, CAE
Chief Executive Officer, Association of Equipment Management; Account Executive, AMPED Association Management

“It really helped me to reframe that lens, that taking care of myself, I really am taking care of the organization.”

Donté Shannon is chief executive officer (CEO) of the Association for Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and also serves as an account executive at AMPED Association Management. Prior to this, Donté was the executive director/CEO of the Specialty Advertising Association of California, a state-based trade association representing a $3 billion industry and 5,600 companies. His experience and leadership are diverse; having worked with stand-alone, large, small, state, and national associations as well as association management companies. His transition to AEMP allowed him to maximize his skills in organizational oversight, operational efficiency, strategy management, staff development, governance, and industry advocacy.

Donté also is a devoted professional and recognized influencer in the association community. He is frequently an invited speaker at conferences and currently serves as the 2019-2020 chair of the Certified Association Executive (CAE) Commission, the governing body of the CAE credential. His career highlights include being selected as a 2015 Forty Under 40® honoree by Association Forum of Chicagoland and a 2011-2013 Diversity Education Leadership Program (DELP) Scholar by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).

Other Resources
What are the most useful resources you’ve found to help your professional development (i.e. books, courses, trainings, assessments, magazines, thought leaders, etc.)?
Any of the study books for the CAE exam. I had a better understanding of the executive perspective of association management after reading Best Practices in Association Management and the Association Law Handbook.

What is your favorite aspect of the association management field?
The impact associations have on industries, professions, and communities each day

The best advice you’ve ever received?
Keep constant watch of your personal brand and reputation. They take years to build and only seconds to ruin.

Irving Washington, FASAE CAE
Executive Director, Online News Association

“I prioritize experiences and relationships, and they now have regular appointments on my calendar”

Irving Washington is executive director for the Online News Association (ONA), the world’s largest membership organization of digital journalists. As a media diversity advocate, Irving has managed programming and fundraising initiatives for journalists, media professionals, and students worldwide. Before joining ONA, Irving worked for the National Association of Black Journalists and the Radio-Television Digital News Association. In 2014, he earned the designation of Certified Association Executive (CAE) by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). He also is a member of ASAE’s Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP), is a Punch Sulzberger Executive Leadership Fellow, and serves on the Journalism Alumni Society Board of Directors of his alma mater, Ball State University, from which he received a degree in journalism.

2.1: Adapting to Our Changing World with Amelia Franck Meyer

2.1: Adapting to Our Changing World with Amelia Franck Meyer

In this special episode of Conversations by Association, Season 2 opens with the return of popular Season 1 guest, Amelia Franck Meyer, who guides us through how the recent pandemic has dramatically changed how we live and work. Everyone’s priorities have changed and humans around the world are able to connect with colleagues, families, and friends in new ways to create a sense of safety and belonging. Amelia describes practical and creative ways to navigate difficult days with loved ones and colleagues. Learn how to anticipate and address the resulting effects of trauma – today and in the future.

This episode reaches far beyond the association and non-profit world. It is a must listen for anyone navigating how to identify and leverage opportunities for change, reflection, and support in a time of uncertainty.

Amelia Franck Meyer, EdD LISW, CEO of Alia

“How do we wire ourselves for connection? As a team, as a village, make sure we’re there for each other.” 

Dr. Amelia Franck Meyer is a social entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Alia: innovations for people and systems impacted by childhood trauma. Because we now know that the foundation of wellbeing is an uninterrupted sense of belonging, Alia is working with child welfare leaders and their teams to build new ways of work that keep children safely with their families, not from their families.

Amelia and her team specialize in workforce wellbeing, leadership development and coaching, and systems change work geared toward obsoleting the need for foster care; all with an anti-racism lens.  Alia is building a “Proof of Concept” that public child welfare agencies can become primary prevention agencies that support families to be safe, instead of waiting until abuse or neglect has already occurred to respond.

Amelia has had a highly accolated 30-year career and was recently was featured as one of People Magazine’s “25 Women Changing the World” in 2018, but she knows this work is not done in isolation; rather, she believes that it takes every single one of use working together to create a world in which all children and their caregivers can thrive.

For more information on Amelia’s work check out her TedTalk or learn more at